Brand Strategy

Whether you have an existing brand or are in the fledgling stages of your business, I am able to construct a brand to fit your target audience and market.

The process involves close communication with the business leaders; research into markets, customers and the business stakeholders as a whole. When creating a holistic brand image, the brand identity needs to have a solid foundation across the entire architecture of the business and brand operations.

Brand equity in the target market is vital in creating customer loyalty and increased profits. Creating brand equity through the correct partnerships, associations and customer word of mouth as well as an overall unified identity is where I focus my strategies.

I have a full range of marketing tactics that I implement into my strategies to achieve net-positive brand equity.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy involves a host of traditional and new media types including mobile and other digital platforms. My main marketing focus is on digital platforms, however I have experience in media buying, blocking and scheduling for traditional media.

I have managed and dealt with creative teams for various campaigns across traditional and new media types. Having an effective marketing strategy in place ensures that deadlines are met and marketing initiatives are correctly aligned with the overall brand’s identity.

Business & Operations Strategy

I am entrepreneurially-inclined and business-minded when it comes to most things. Having a tendency to find paths in places that are overlooked, I often see opportunities and solutions to business objectives and problems.

I have tried my hand at a range of things; everything from agriculture, food, music and even stationary. I have worked many, many hours on projects, events and promotions.

Digital Strategy

I have been online since 1997. My pre-school had a computer. I am a digital child. I was a avid gamer. GGnoRe. Digital is intrinsic to me, however it is so fast and dynamic that one is never stuck in a single moment. When it comes to digital strategy there are a few things that need to be acknowledged; users are users and people are people, user experience is a critical point and data is everything. With this as a fundamental understanding, I incorporate various digital tactics into my digital strategies for the short, medium and long term. This is all directed at building brand equity.

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