SOVRGN SYSTEMS builds websites, like this one. It aims to run them lean, efficient and purposeful. We don’t need clutter, we need clarity in the digital space. We build websites from the database upwards, using WordPress as the main framework. With an understanding of full-stack, we’ll find the right fit for your project. From servers and security through to content management and website updates, SOVRGN SYSTEMS is able to facilitate a large proportion of your website’s needs.

Machine Learning & AI

Machine Learning is used for various projects, but in particular there is a focus on in-game artificial intelligence for SOVRGN GAMES. For examples, please visit the SOVRGN GAMES website for a list of games.

Web Services

We have developed our own integrated web/game service that allows players to register a SOVRGN Account, which is accessible across the SOVRGN GAMES network. Users can save tokens and scores as well as make real-world purchases on our store. Our holistic approach involves security, DB integrity and cross-platform synchronization.

Game Services

Looking to build a game? We are a multi-disciplinary, South African based independent studio that conceptualises and produces video games for Android devices.

Technical Training

Need to learn some digital skills? SOVRGN SYSTEMS can teach you several digital skills to become a better digital nomad. Visit the Learn Page to find out more.

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