Learn Guitar

I have been playing guitar since early 2004, when I started my first lessons. My first vibrations were on a nylon acoustic guitar, however I now play regularly on my electric Fender. I can teach you the guitar from the basic chords through to finger picking and strumming. I can also teach you how to produce bends, hammer, whammy and other guitar sounds so that you have a full range of skills to play with.

Acoustic or Electric guitar. Classes will be held in a location near to you.

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Learn Parkour

I have been a practitioner of Parkour since 2008. Through some hard bails, blood, sweat and heat, I continue to redefine my ability to move through the urban environment more efficiently. I can teach you how to move more efficiently in an urban environment. To get started, read the introduction to Parkour.

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Learn WordPress

I have been using WordPress since 2011 and have grown my experience with the framework and the additions associated with it. I can teach you basics of WordPress that will get you started in building and managing your own powerful website or online store.

What you will learn:
– Setting up a host server
– Setting up a WordPress DB
– Installing WordPress to server
– WordPress Dashboard and/or WooCommerce Dashboard
– How to self-manage your WordPress website

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Learn English as a Second Language

I teach English. I have taught in Barcelona and continue to increase my in-class teaching environments around the world. I am a TQUK Level 5 certified teacher as well as hold a degree in brand building and management, so rest assured that you are in capable hands. My business experience and vocabulary also enables you to learn business and colloquial lingo, so that you can improve your business relationships with English speaking countries.

The ideal age range that I feel confident in teaching and engaging with is from 12 years of age through to adulthood, however younger students can be accommodated.

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