Content Writing

I write a lot. I enjoy it and I do it for fun. I write short and long form stories and articles on different topics. I post some of my work on and I have a lot of handwritten and offline content and drafts. Coupled with writing, reading is a large component of my time.

I have assisted brands by crafting content for them. Whether it may be a product, service or review. It could be content used to assist the support services or help drive traffic or awareness to your website. Due to the content usually being very specific, a rough draft would have to be created in order to ascertain my suitability for your brand voice.

Google Adwords & Analytics

I have been working with Google Adwords and Google Analytics since 2013 and have used both platforms in synchronicity with other Google services such as Search Console and Tag Manager. I have run multiple targeted campaigns with different audiences and have monitored and adjusted digital ads based on leveraging the data used from running ads in the first place.

My digital advertising methods include a close collaboration of organic site-wide SEO and tagging, behavioural remarketing and audience building tactics to create a more holistic digital marketing approach.

Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media Markets

Facebook‘s ecosystem, including Messenger and Instagram, are versatile tools to market to a large, diverse audience. The Ads Manager on Facebook is robust enough to target the right customers for your business. I have been working with Facebook Ads Manger since 2014 and have run campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. As with Google Adwords, my digital strategy is dependent on the leveraged data that is gathered from running ads for your business.

Community Curation (CRM)

With a host of various content platforms online, it is up to the business to define which platforms to choose to communicate and drive content through. Certain platforms allow for a certain type of users, and community. This allows a digital strategist to pick the community markets to engage with, build equity and loyalty and what content should be provided to them. With corrective curation in these communities, strong brand presence and customer retention can be maintained for the long term.

User Experience (UX)

Users, like humans, are unique creatures. Unlike humans, they don’t play by the social norms. A user’s experience on your website can make or break it. The ease of use, relevancy of information and website functionality are vital components that encompass a positive user experience.
Customer support should be available to assist the user along their journey of your website. By providing your users the best digital experience, you have higher chances of transactions and engagements on your website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is a large proponent of the modern website. It should be intrinsically and holistically built alongside your website through various best practice methods. Users access your website through various paths, and so your SEO should be structured accordingly.
Search engine giants like Google favour websites that provide their users with the best experience, so in accordance with best practices and experience, I build websites with these guidelines.

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